The Family Man
by John J. Dunphy

When our only son told us he had fallen in love with an alien and intended to marry her, my wife and I were apprehensive. Oh, we aren't prejudiced, but many other humans still are, and we knew that our son and his beloved would have a rough time of it.

My wife and I count the day that were presented with our first grandchild as one of the happiest of our long life together. When I held that precious baby in my arms at the hospital, I wept tears of joy - and I pride myself in being a tough guy! Well, I am a tough guy, and any bigot who tries to give grief to this darling little girl will have an irate grandpa to contend with. So she's half-alien! She's also half-human on our son's side!

half-alien grandchild --
our son's eyes
his wife's antennae

An excerpt from my scifiaku chapbook "Stellar Possibilities," from samsdotpublishing. Drop me an e-mail for ordering information.
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